Thursday, September 10, 2009

Homemade Slide Scanner That Works

Here is a very simple digital slide scanner that you can put together in a few hours that will get those old slides onto your PC or Mac... more than adequate for the web or use as reference to paint from.  While not truly a scanner technically, it digitizes the slide with one click of your camera.  You must have macro capability on your camera and experiment a little with the settings to maximize the output. Everything used was stuff from the shop or junk box..the key component was the plastic parts tray drawer from one of these multiple tray cabinets that has the magic dimensions just right for the slide and diffuser.  

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Add some rubber feet to the base.

Cut the hood slightly oversize to make it easier to lift. Use tape for the hinge and your imagination for some adaptation to suit your personal camera and taste.. any available light source is usable as you can balance later in Photoshop if needed.. experiment... !

This is the original pencil brain storm think-through.


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