Thursday, November 12, 2009

music in the studio - setting the mood

Setting the tone and mood for a work session can really enhance your effort... See if your most favorite sounds work for or against your focus.  Fatigue and or distraction can be the result of poor choices in pairing music and hand (drawing - painting ).  Experiment with the same project and find the right match for you with different genres of music.  What does Beethoven do to your hand as opposed to Louie Prima , Stan Getz, Billy Holiday?.

Get to know Tim Hardin...probably the best single sensitive source for lyrics and sound you will find to set your mind. He took his life at forty in 1980 but left an incredible, generous source of great will not regret searching for more of his work.

Louis Prima  video from the 50's and rare Jungle Book video
Stan Getz video - more  Getz - Desafinado
Corcovado  video - one more with Dizzy