Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY lighting stage for photo and painting setups

Here is a simple way to put up a very flexible portable stage you can use with inexpensive clamp lights.
Ordinary PVC plumbing pipe, shower rings, clothes pins, rubber crutch tips, clamp lights and white Foam Core are the basic components of this setup.   The only tools needed are a hacksaw and a miter box (optional).

I have opted out of using PVC cement as I can easily disassemble it for storage... You can however glue some of the sub-sections permanently that will store flat along with the background boards of Foam Core.
Foam Core is available in craft stores in  medium gray and black as well  so you can quickly set up the sides and back for different backgrounds.  Various colored papers in rolls or sheets can add to the mix.  By rigging up simple colored filters using colored CD cases or clear cases with stage gels set over homemade stage lights you have a variety of effects at your command.  Add an inexpensive white translucent shower curtain cut to fit the sides, top and front and you have a very practical light box for photographing small items with soft, even light.

Simple clothes-pin and shower curtain ring makes a quick release for the backgrounds.

This simple set up is inexpensive and quick to assemble - use your creative juices to add to the mix..
See you in the next blog. GL

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